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RSC Paper labels - Producer
A4 labels sheet
Plastic cards
3M foils
Hang tags and sew-on labels

RSC produces self-adhesive labels for all types of label printers, scales and applicators available on the market. Having machines and paper stock on the spot enables us to process the orders immediatelyon client’s demand. Due to the wide range of blades that we have and we are able to extend our offer upon client’s request. We use only high quality paperby producers such as Raflatac, Fasson, Map and Ritrama.

In our offer you will find:
•Thermal paper labels
•Thermal transfer paper labels
•Foil thermal transfer labels
•Security seals
•Labels available with all kinds of glue

Thermal paper labels- are made of temperature sensitive papertherefore they do not need thermal transfer ribbons to be printed. These labels are dedicated to
•Thermal ECO - standard thermalpaper, non-resistant to oils and humidity
•Thermal TOP - coated thermal paper more resistant to oils, rubbing and humidity

Thermal transfer paper labels- are printed using thermal transfer ribbons, and therefore the printout lasts much longer than on thermal label and it is more resistant to rubbing. These labels are the most popular type and can be printed by most available printers on the market.
•Matt labels – used when readability of the bar code is the key factor, large contrast is guaranteed
•Half-gloss labels – are more resistant to rubbing, usually applied on single units
•Gloss labels - applied when the key element is esthetics

Foil thermal transfer ribbons - the technology of printing is exactly the same as with thermal transfer paper. Foil labels are used for marking products stored in harsh weather conditions. They are resistant to humidity, oils and rubbing. Foil labels are glossy so they are perfect where aesthetic factors play a key role.

Security seals - self- destructive foil labels which break when someone tries to remove the label from the product - they leave a mark or fall apart. They are perfect for secure electronic devices, computer equipment, and high-value products and various kinds of containers.
•VOID foils – foil labels – silver or white, when somebody attempts to remove the label „void” mark appears
•Crumbling foils – crumbling of the foil prevents from removing it
•Violet STOP foils – removing these foils causes a pink mark “stop” to appear on the paper, and violet mark “stop” on other surfaces

These labels are available with the following glues
•Standard- well sticking acrylic glue, extremely popular
•Easilyremovable- weak acrylic glue which does not leave any mark after removing the label
•Strong- well sticking acrylic glue, for sticking on rough surfaces, used also for deep frosting, it can be applied even in temperatures below -5ºC

In order to get some more information or advice please, contact our office at + 48 22 510 14 40
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