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Menu produktu

Dodaj do teczki Function available upon registration. Clicking the button results in adding the product to the basket. Using this option enables the user to send an offer inquiry, submit repair request and receive the invitation to a presentation of chosen products.

Zarejestuj posiadany produkt Funkcja dostępna po zarejestrowaniu, kliknięcie na ten przycisk spowoduje zarejestrowanie posiadania produktu. Dzięki rejestracji produktów uzyskują Państwo możliwość ułatwionego zgłaszania napraw.

Pobierz PDF Detailed technical data of the reviewed product in PDF file.

Registered clients are able to download the newest drivers for specific products.

Dane techniczne
Technical data and a description of each product.

Additional technical documentation of the product for registered users.

A list of demo presentations of the reviewed products. Available in avi and mpg format.

Menu dostępne po zalogowaniu

Here you will find client’s submenu and a basket:

  • Profile – here you will find your company’s information with a possibility of products registration and modification of login and password in the RSC`s system. We kindly ask you for an update of contact details in case of any changes.
  • Basket - using this menu you are able to submit requests for offers, repairs, receive an invitation for the product presentations.
Inquiries/ Orders
- using this menu you will find information concerning your inquiries, current information about the stage of realization, and orders placed in RSC. Available submenu:
  • Basket – using this menu you are able to submit requests for offers, repairs, receive an invitation for the product presentations.
  • Offer inquiries – here you will find offer inquiries submitted by you and offers prepared by a RSC`s employee.
  • Orders in progress – orders submitted by you, which are in the course of realization by RSC Auto ID Distribution.
  • Realized orders – the list of orders which has been realized and collected by you after settling the payment.
- using this menu you will find all the information concerning submitted repairs, repairs in progress and estimated cost and repair time etc. Available submenus:
  • Basket – as above.
  • Repair requests - here you will find your repair requests received by RSC`s employee
  • Repairs in progress – repairs in the course of realization on RSC`s premises or when the arrival of a service team is fixed
  • Realized repairs – list of realized repairs, sent/received
In this menu you will find necessary information concerning invitations for RSC`s product presentations. Products for presentations you can choose form “BASKET” menu or from the site of a specified product. Available submenu:
  • Basket - as above
  • List of invitations – submitted invitations which haven’t been confirmed by our employee yet.
  • Confirmed presentations- already performed presentations or scheduled presentations.

Search engine proceeds both simple and regular phrases. Below you will find a list of the available operators.
  Each entered word is optional, but if few words appear in one position they are graded higher.
+ Plus at the beginning means that the word needs to be considered while searching.
- Minus at the beginning means that the word must not appear in the results.
< > The operators (< and >) added at the beginning mark the level of importance of a searched phrase.
( )/th>Phrase in brackets is treated as a whole.
~ ~ at the beginning of a phrase is treated as a negation. This option is helpful if we do not want certain words in a phrase to be taken into consideration by a search engine. The position will not be deleted but it will be graded lover.
*Star substitutes any row of signs. It is extremely helpful when we want fast results.
Phrases in inverted commas are treated as a whole and only whole phrase will be searched for.