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Rynek RSC Auto ID

1. Production


In order to be competitive, production has to be continual and on time. The flow of materials and products has to be properly managed. Label printers for printing bar codes or machines coding information in RFID technology provide current flow information during the production process. The solutions we provide are extremely reliable. If 2D barcodes are required for outdoor stocking, we suggest printers, accessories, software and management tools, which will simplify bar code production for industrial purposes.

For better management of the delivery chain, service and stock, it is essential to have permanent control of the production process and to update information, which may help the entrepreneur to:

  • reduce the amount of stored materials
  • automate the flow of materials in the production process
  • develop procedures for functioning of complex production lines
  • implement a system of step-by-step quality control
  • track the location of the product from the producer to the receiver
  • adjust to market requirements
  • improve the quality of materials, distribution and logistic planning

The machines offered by our company are of the highest quality and can meet even the highest requirements of our clients. Our machines: :

  • enable you to define the location of the product within the production process
  • enable quality control by a choice of representative elements from a selected batch
  • facilitate stock management enabling control over stocks and giving information regarding necessity of topping up stocks

2. Logistics and transport

The key element of logistic efficiency is guarantee the constant flow of materials and avoid stoppages. This is why hundreds of entrepreneurs trusted the highest quality of our services and products, which have significantly improved the efficiency of their businesses.The bar codes and software available in our offer facilitate the management of goods control at every stage of production, and provide all necessary information whenever need it is required.

Solutions offered by our company guarantee increasing control over product distribution, starting with preparation phase and ending with retail sales. Our offer covers:

  • reliable printers for all kinds of bar codes used in product marking
  • mobile printers for marking incoming goods on the loading ramp which significantly facilitates redistribution
  • intelligent RFID labels ensuring remote recording and reading of data
  • 2D bar codes utilized in supplies
  • software which enables companies to integrate goods expedition with stock management (ERP) in order to optimize transport, delivery planning and informing clients
  • inventory terminals facilitate continual control and management

3. Trade and distribution

Retail sales

Solutions offered by our company facilitate retail sales at every stage, both in the market hall and in the stockroom. The following examples will show you how our products may help to save time and reduce investments on retail sales:

  • utilizing mobile cordless printers and data collectors enables constant/continual control over prices on the shop floor and comparison of prices with database, and it will facilitate customer service and updating websites and catalogues
  • label printers enable autonomous marking with bar code technology
  • data collectors facilitate inventory and management of product prices
  • User-friendly printing systems located by the cashier enable the printing of customer loyalty cards and cards for other occasions
  • Plastic card printers enable you to print ID cards for employees, which will facilitate access to time control systems


Wholesalers often have to face the problem of balancing deliveries and stocks in order to provide their client with the best service. This requires continual control over stocks and all processes connected with the flow of products. RSC equips wholesale businesses in auto id systems, which enable the company to track the goods from the moment of receiving them, through storing, upto shipping. We help in keeping the goods in constant movement, reducing stocks and controlling cash flow. It is possible thanks to:

  • Labeling goods with cordless mobile printers after their arrival in the warehouse
  • Information flow among four areas: the stock, deliveries in progress, customer service and complaints
  • Marking whole packages, pallets and products utilizing RFID technology
  • Easy label designing using our software
  • Labeling of returns with mobile printers


To meet our clients` demands and deadlines it is important to facilitate the flow of information. Collecting data helps to improve planning and management of the delivery chain. Bar cod systems and auto id may transfer all kinds of data to distribution centers.

Distribution of FMCGs requires a special approach because of short expiry dates. Therefore we suggest special systems minimizing the need to dispose of expired products. These systems identify such products and help to manage them accurately.
Bar codes, intelligent labels and software solutions enable companies to collect data in many ways and from various sources. To improve how distribution companies function, we offer:

  • Efficient label printers with large memory and suitable software enabling the design of various types of labels
  • Mobile printers
  • Wireless networks allowing the use of mobile printers independently of the place